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What We Offer

Curriculum for churches and helpful resources for families and ex-offenders.

Mercy Heart

Start your own Mercy Heart community today! Get everything you need to start a ministry for ex-offenders and th...

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Mercy Heart Leader Training

Are you a church leader ready to start ministering to ex-offenders and their families? Then this training is for...

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Mercy Heart Volunteer Training

Ready to train your volunteers? We've got you covered.  In this training your volunteers will learn about the ...

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Mercy Heart Volunteer Job Descriptions

  Are you a volunteer looking for a place to serve?  Use this FREE resource to help you find the spot tha...

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Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all of the wonderful things we have been blessed with, but for those with a love...

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Forgiveness can be hard. Forgiving those who are now incarcerated can be even harder. In this series you will learn...

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Developing Self-Worth

Do you struggle with self-worth? Having a loved one incarcerated can wreck your own self image. What if that could ...

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Living Beyond the Hard Times

Having a loved one in prison is hard. It creates worry, stress, and anxiety. But you can have life beyond these har...

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Financial Freedom

Is having a loved in prison putting you in debt? This 4-part series will help you break the bondage of debt and...

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Warfare in the Wilderness

  Everyone has a wilderness story. The wilderness is that place of hardship, distress, and difficulty. Do you ...

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Growing Up in Jesus

Spiritual maturity is an important, but often neglected, part of being in Christ.  In this series we will dive ...

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Blessed & Highly Favored

Take a fresh look at the Beatitudes   This series will teach you the truths found in the Beatitudes... BUT MO...

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